<b> baby:</b> d-d-d-d<p><b>father:</b> say dada! say dada!<p><b>baby:</b> dada!<p><b>father:</b> i will not praise you because that is behavioral conditioning and undermines your free will<p>



she went awf

#you do not understand white mom culture until you’ve watched this video

omffffggg my resources are extremely limited and I only have this sad doodle to give to you VIRGINIA!!! Happy 15th birthday


 street style/pale 

풋사과 | do not edit.


when your mum catches you still on the computer after she told you to go to bed




I have watched this at least 15 times since I reblogged this several hours ago

it has been several weeks and I probably have watched this easily 100 times


AU where things are more or less the same EXCEPT THEY ARE IN SPACE and titans are a kinda unknown thing treated like aliens and they have laser blades and hover around in space on their cool boots. THey’d still have gas things to propel them around but I guess they won’t need their metal ropes so replace that with an oxygen tank maybe?? I tried to keep their uniforms similar-ish but brown really didn’t work SOOOOO

Maria/rose/sina could be like spaceships with the remaining humans IDK I obviouslly haven’t thought this out I just wanted to draw glowy things yes omg imagine titans floating around in space that’d be so funny 


i love bears so much theyre so cute i want to hug one without dying

HATSUNE MIKU??? - Anaconda
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HATSUNE MIKU??? - Anaconda